Fungi in the forest …

… toadstools amongst the trees. Wednesday: we’re back in sunny (sometimes) Shropshire, taking a leg stretch on Haughmond Hill, near Shrewsbury. There are showers about – the trees might give us some shelter (it wasn’t needed). Around the fringes of the forest, there are some extensive views to the south Shropshire hills; within the woods, there’s a profusion of all kinds of fungus – one of the joys of moving into autumn.

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The view from Haughmond Hill

…is tremendous – a wide panorama taking in the Wrekin and Wenlock Edge, the Clee and Stretton hills, the Stiperstones and Breidden, the Berwyns and, in the far distance, mid-Wales peaks. Is that Cader Idris on the horizon? It’s far too good for a hill that needs no climbing – it must be very gently uphill from the car park, but we’re not going to have to stop to get our breath back…

There’s a little snack bar back at the car park, which closes about 5 minutes before we arrive back at the car. Next time perhaps?

Haughmond Hill (Forestry Commission)

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On Haughmond Hill

A wet morning, but the forecast promised a fine afternoon – somewhere that won’t be too bad underfoot? Haughmond Hill is mostly forested, but the tracks are pleasant, good to walk on, and there are some extensive views. The hill isn’t high, barely topping 500′ (153m, according to the OS) – but there’s little to get in the way of the long view in a 180º panorama from south-east to north-west – the Stretton hills, Stiperstones, Long Mountain, the Breiddens and the Berwyns.

There’s a café back at the car park – we made it with just minutes to spare. The cakes were pretty good too, eaten beneath tall pines.

Here’s a map – haven’t attempted to show the route (can’t see it for all the trees). We followed the blue waymarkers, anticlockwise…