A full day: Glasgow

Wednesday 26 Sept: Up at 6am! We’re catching the 9.09 Pendolino from Crewe; at Carlisle, we’ll join the 11.12 for Glasgow Central – via Dumfries and Kilmarnock (our choice – slow but scenic). We then have a whisker over 3 hours, into which we’ll squeeze
– St Enoch Square – for a look at the old Subway station
– the riverside walk to the Riverside Museum
– a subway ride to Buchanan Street, for a look at Queen Street station
– a walk back to Central station, and
– an expensive (£4.75!) pint…
before heading for home on the 16.40 to Euston. It’s not going to call at Crewe, so we’ll have to change at Lancaster – onto a train that decides to stop at Preston for almost an hour. We’ve no driver – signals problems away down south mean he’s late. So we’re on a later-than-planned train from Crewe back to the car, and at about 10.45pm, I’m home again. Did all of that happen in just one day?

That’s enough for now – a few photos below; more to follow.