High water

“We ought to go down and look at the river”. Last time the Severn was this high was almost 20 years ago, in Autumn 2000. These floods have set new records locally, though happily the temporary flood barriers along the Wharfage in Ironbridge seem to have been sufficient. There was a fear that the water might rise over the top, and at some stage (during the night?) the weight of water seems to have pushed them back across the road. Further downstream, the water’s on the road near Bedlam (only seen that once before) and poor Jackfield looks a bit sad. Now the waters are receding, very slowly – hope that’s the last of it for now…

Water under the bridge

Rather a lot of it… Mostly Welsh water, this – the rain hasn’t been especially heavy here in Shropshire. The “big bends” near Leighton are almost invisible – look carefully to see the current in the normal river bed. It’s the same at Cressage bridge – the flood plain is a lake, and if the water rises another inch or two, it will be over the road. Flooding here is not uncommon, but this could be the last opportunity to see the disused power station above the waters. Perhaps, in some way, that’s symbolic.

Snowdrops and floods

The one seems to accompany the other – we’ve been to Attingham on previous occasions, to see the floral display and to find the river Tern resembling a lake, backing up from the nearby Severn. It’s a pleasant spot for a cold afternoon, and though the morning’s sunshine has gone, there’s barely a breeze – the water’s like a mirror. There are post-stroll tea and cakes too…

Attingham Park NT