A Cound Circular

It’s a slightly-extended version of a walk we did earlier in the year, and for the same reasons. There’s been a lot of rain in the last couple of days; now the sky’s mostly clear blue, and we need to make the most of it, but we’ll have to stay on hard roads and tracks unless we want to get seriously bogged down. It’s a very pleasant leg-stretch, and as the afternoon wears on, the sun gets noticeable lower, spotlighting the landscape and leaving deep shadows.

We left the car at Cound Guildhall, where there’s a charity box for parking and a charity bookshop too: St Peters Charity Bookshop

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Cirrus over Cound

It’s a beautiful day! The sunshine is bright and warm, and the deep blue sky is decorated with wispy cirrus clouds. The fields will still be muddy, so we’re keeping to quiet surfaced lanes near the village of Cound. There’s a donation box for parking by the Guildhall, and there’s a second-hand book shop too. It’s open, but there’s no-one there, just an honesty box – 50p for paperbacks, £1 for hardbacks. Wonderful!

St Peter’s Charity Bookshop

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By Coundmoor Brook

It’s hardly a major watercourse, nevertheless it has carved itself a very attractive shallow but steep-sided valley, ideal for an amble on this bright but hazy afternoon. Heading back, our path overlooks the valley, with more extensive views the other way. Am I alone in thinking the Wrekin resembles Mount Fuji from up here?

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