A much-needed leg-stretch down to Coalport (for well-earned tea and cake…), on a grey Saturday afternoon. We may not be past July, but there are signs of seasonal change – the wheat looks ready for harvest, there are some hefty (but undoubtedly sour) apples by the farm, and ripe (but rather blobby) blackberries, with many better-looking specimens to come. Could be an excellent crop in a few weeks time… And at last the butterflies are playing to the camera!

A grey bank holiday

Best kind? After a rainy morning, the afternoon looked a little more promising, though there was never any sunshine, and we did feel the odd spot of rain. So there were no views to speak of, nor were there many people. A few at the YHA cafe at Coalport, perhaps, where we enjoyed a brief refreshment stop (tea and cake, of course), and one or two others beside the Severn as we headed back, but certainly not bank holiday crowds. Yes (answering my own question) – they probably are the best kind, when you don’t have to go to work in the morning.

After Doris Day

Friday – the sun’s shining, and we’re taking a walk down to the Severn, on the day following storm Doris. Others were worse affected, I think, though there were one or two trees down (fairly rotten specimens, it has to be said), and one or two houses lost a ridge tile. It’s more sheltered in the valley, and the weather’s mild enough for us to sit outside the youth hostel at Coalport for our tea and cake. We’ll head for home the shortest way – up the dingle with its wonderful hanging gardens, and not-so-wonderful mud. Can’t have everything!

Coalport on a grey afternoon…

…so we’ll do it in black and white! It’s a pleasant circuit, down to Jackfield by hidden paths in the jungle, then across to Coalport and along the old railway track to Coalport bridge. We cross the Severn again and walk along the other old railway, before joining Pound Lane and heading for home.


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