Wood and stone: Clive and Grinshill

The morning’s fog has cleared, though it’s still quite hazy north of Shrewsbury. We’re following our usual route, with variations – out by the path around the south side of the hill, turning back at Clive and heading for the “summit” (just 630 feet, or 192m), then back through the old quarries. It’s a popular spot, especially on a fine sunny day.

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Corbet Wood and Clive

There’s a low sandstone ridge north of Shrewsbury, with attractive woodlands and interesting paved and bedrock tracks. The stone here has been quarried for many years – signs warn walkers to “beware of old quarries”… We’ll follow the lower-level paths from the car park at Corbet Wood, past Grinshill to Clive, then return via the highest point, which is a fine rocky viewpoint for the hills to the south, but hardly what one would call a summit (192m, or about 630ft above sea level). It’s a pleasant walk on an afternoon when, despite the grey skies, there’s spring in the air.

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