Cold Clee

Friday 24 November: It’s cold up here today – the frost is lingering in the hollows – but the sunshine (wall-to-wall!) is warm, and a picnic lunch on the rocks near the summit of Clee Burf will be just the thing. We’ve got to get there first, and we’re trying a new route, up the edge of the access land near Stoke Enclosure. It’s a good route too – until we reach the summit plateau. We have to cross deeply tussocky grassland, and there’s no path – and the gaps between the tussocks are very wet… Lunch over, we’re not going to hang around – it’s too cold, but not too cold for a chocolate stop at the well-placed wooden seat. It’s downhill from here…

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November on Clee Burf

There’s a stiff breeze, but it’s too good to stay in – we’ll walk up to Clee Burf, the southern summit of Brown Clee. Apart from the wind in the trees, it’s quiet up here. There’s no-one else about, apart from a solitary jogger, who doesn’t look happy. No shortage of sheep, of course. The forecast suggested there could be the odd shower, but we’re lucky today – bright sunshine throughout. There’s a big shower cloud to the north, and another, nearer, provides us with an unexpected rainbow. The end of it is just over there – no crocks though, just another sheep – taking on an appropriately golden tint in the late afternoon sunshine.


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