Eccentric crankshafts

We’ve been to Chasewater today – for the “Burton Breweries Locomotives Day”. Some of those locomotives – and some of their associates who had nothing to do with brewing, are amongst the  strangest standard-gauge railway locomotives around. Illustrated are 15099 “Morris”, and the former Worthington’s no 21. Morris is nearly 100 years old; no 21 will soon be 90. Both appeared to be well into their second childhoods, having great fun pushing troublesome trucks around all afternoon. More photos (to include Colin McAndrew, old Birmingham buses etc.) will be published to “Geoff’s Rail Diaries” in a day or two.

Chasewater Railway

Colin, Teddy and friends

Motor-Rail "15099"
Motor-Rail “15099”

Chasewater – the “Industrial Gala”. It’s cloudy, and cold in the stiff breeze;  not a day for photography, though I’ll take a few. Colin and Teddy, the two tiny saddle-tank locomotives, will demand attention, as ever, and the recent arrivals – a pair of ancient Motor-Rails, in disguise as ex-BR lookalikes 15097 and 15099, need their pictures taken too. Visit “A windy Chase” on Geoff’s Rail Diaries for more.

Teddy’s 75th birthday

TeddyNo, not a bear – this Teddy is a Peckett 0-4-0ST, one of the smallest conventional standard gauge steam locomotives ever built.  He was bought, many years ago, by the late Rev. ER Boston, better known as “Teddy” Boston (who, as a friend of the Rev. W Awdry, appears in the “Thomas the Tank Engine” series as one of the two vicars – the fat one…). The Rev. Teddy died some 30 years ago, but his Peckett (inter alia) lives on. Now residing at Chasewater, Teddy Peckett is clearly in fine fettle – a very fit 75-year-old, celebrating his birthday today in great style. For more on the day’s fun, visit “Teddy’s birthday” on Geoff’s Rail Diaries.

Holly Bank and Colin

Holly Bank No3 at Chasewater Heaths
Holly Bank No3 at Chasewater Heaths
Colin emerges from his shed, stretching and yawning
Colin emerges from his shed, stretching and yawning

It’s the IRS AGM – this year, it’s at Chasewater, and we have some entertainment lined up to keep us amused before the meeting, provided by Hunslet Holly Bank No.3 (AKA Darfield No.1) and tiny Barclay Colin McAndrew. There’s a brake van special and a freight train to photograph and ride on, and a certain amount of shunting. Sometimes the sun was kind to us. More will appear on “Geoff’s Rail Diaries” in a day or so, in the meantime, here’s the usual taster
Industrial Railway Society
Chasewater Railway

Teddy: making Colin look big

TeddyCentenarian Barclay saddle tank Colin McAndrew, a resident favourite at the Chasewater Railway, is very small, without a doubt – one of the smallest standard gauge steam locomotives in existence. But Teddy*, a 75-year-old upstart Peckett, is without a doubt smaller – 2’0″ diameter driving wheels… Smallest? Quite possibly – and almost certainly the smallest in full working order. Today we spent several pleasant hours beside the line, on the occasion of its spring gala. (It didn’t feel much like spring, though the sun did shine early on). A “Rail Diaries” page will be along in a while – in the meantime, here’s Teddy…

*Originally owned by Teddy Boston, of Cadeby Light Railway fame