The Honeypot and Willey

A delightful name – it’s no more than a few houses and a farm, a mile or so out of Broseley. By comparison, the hamlet of Willey is a positive metropolis – it’s even got a village hall. Other than a couple of cars on the two short stretches of road, I’ve got this quiet corner of Shropshire to myself this afternoon.

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April sunshine

The sunshine is warm, but the air’s cold today. Fortunately, the outdoor tea area at Benthall Hall is sheltered from the breeze, so we’ll enjoy our al fresco refreshments without a shiver. The bluebell season is just beginning, the chestnut leaves are emerging (they remind me of pale green cormorants drying their wings) and the oilseed rape is brightening the fields – sunshine even when the sun’s gone in…

A walk from Wenlock

We’ll catch the bus and walk back… It should have been wall-to-wall sunshine, but clouds are blowing across from the north-east – we’ll have to be selective with the photos. We’re certainly not going to stand and wait until the sun shines – it’s much too cold, barely above freezing. Nevertheless, it’s pleasant when the sun’s out, and there are one or two reminders that spring isn’t too far away.

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Merry Christmas from Broseley

I know – there are still four weeks to go. But the Christmas lights are being switched on this evening – Saturday 24 November. We’d better get our coats on…
There’s a procession of unlikely vehicles (and even more unlikely drivers and passengers), then, after a (mercifully) few words, the lights are on, and with them, the fireworks.
Once that’s done, we’ll take one or two more photos, but we won’t hang around. There seems to be an unofficial “who’s got the biggest speakers” competition, and our ears are already hurting. But it was fun, and good to see such a big turnout at this very local event.

Broseley bikes

Sunday 5 August: Broseley Festival of Motorcycling. I’m not sure what the purpose of this event is – just fun, I suspect. It certainly appeared to be fun, on this warm and sunny day (must have been really warm in those black jackets…). It was certainly quite a spectacle, seeing them all (getting on for 200) arriving and parking in Broseley High Street, after a short ride from the Woodbridge at Coalport, via Ironbridge and Much Wenlock. All very friendly too – no “show-offs” and a generally sedate rumble of engines.

Broseley Festival of Motorcycling