Will we get wet?

Ten percent chance of rain at 1pm and 2pm; more than 50% at 3pm… We’d better get moving. The sky is at times threatening, though there’s some blue too. There are a few drops in the wind when we’re about a mile from home, that’s all. Still dry when we arrive home, a sharp shower follows just a couple of minutes later. Perfect timing!

Red Lane and yellow fields

We’re walking through the grassy mounds around the former Caughley colliery, enjoying (yet again!) the sunshine and the colours in the fields and hedgerows. The soil in the fields beside Red lane provides a clue to its name. In the short damp lane, the bluebells are variable in colour, and the garlic is abundant and pungent!

Red Lane and Inett mines

Beyond Inett Farm, a kissing gate provides access to a path across rough grassland, through the remains of ancient shallow coal pits. Beyond, a damp, shady way takes us to Red Lane, where the fields are bright yellow. Some of the bluebells are a funny colour too. We’ll survey the scene from Red Lane before heading back through the mines – to continue would be a shorter route home, but we’d have to walk along the road – no thanks!

Two Deans

20 April 2019 – we’ve just arrived in Edinburgh, and we’re taking a walk beside the Water of Leith to Dean Village, early on a fine spring evening
20 April 2020 – coincidentally, and nearly 300 miles further south, we’re walking down the lane that leads to Dean Farm. It’s another fine spring day – not a cloud in the sky.


A short (4 miles) walk around local ways, enjoying some warm sunshine. There’s hardly anyone else about, especially once we’re onto the still-muddy paths and tracks through field and woodland. The world will have changed by the time those bursting horse chestnut buds bear conkers in the autumn.

Midwinter meandering

Circumstances (not least the weather) have conspired to keep the camera indoors for a couple of weeks – it was suffering from lack of exercise (so was its owner). Today it’s bright and dry – time for a local leg stretch. Our last outing was to see the cooling towers meet sudden destruction – I’ll look down on the site, and see how it compares with our last view from this position, high up in the woods on Benthall Edge.