Bright and breezy: Brown Clee

Cool, too, in the wind. The east side of the hill is in the lee, and the walk is very pleasant through the parkland, warm in the sunshine with views improving as we gain height. Boyne Water is twinkling as the breeze lifts wavelets; a little further on, we’re out on the ridge. Now we have extensive views to the west, but we’re in the wind, and we need to keep going. It buffets the camera as we stand at the highest point. Moments later, as we begin to descend, we’re sheltered and it’s a warm spring afternoon once more.

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Brown Clee and Boyne Water

Perfect for a fine and sunny afternoon, with just a pleasant breeze. Taking the direct route to the summit, there are others about, but as we continue towards Boyne Water and the track down through the estate lands, we realise we’ve left the crowds (perhaps a dozen in total?) behind. We followed this route back in the spring, but today we’re doing it anticlockwise for subtly different views.

As we near the equinox, the sun is noticeably lower in the sky. Those shorter days of misty distances are getting closer.

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Watercolour days

Friday: spring is in the air – and there’s a spring in our steps. It’s not warm, but this is the first day we haven’t needed gloves, scarves, hats etc. With the change in weather has come a haze, shortening our horizons and fading them to shades of watercolour. We’re following a new (for us) route, using a permissive bridleway and gentle gradients to reach Boyne Water, an attractive pool which is larger than one might expect, so near the summit ridge of Brown Clee. Minutes later, we exchange the eastern view – pleasant gentle countryside, for the western view – the indistinct pastel-blue ridges of the border hills. It’s good up here on a day like this, but we can’t stay, and we’re soon threading our way back down between moss- and lichen-clad trees, towards the car and the short journey home.

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