A rainy afternoon at Arley

At least there’s plenty of shelter in the arboretum… Less than 5% chance of rain at Bewdley? Huh!  We spend some time trying to stay dry in a variety of shelters – under the trees (obviously), in Hagrid’s hut, Aragog’s lair, the tea room… There’s some sunshine too, and at times it’s both sunny and rainy. Nevertheless, a very pleasant afternoon, and it didn’t rain on the (unsheltered) way back to the car, at the other side of the river. The cakes, of course, were wonderful!

Arley Arboretum


No toadstools today

There used to be lots of interesting fungi at Arley arboretum, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. There were practically none today, apart from some plastic ones. The Green Man was plastic too (perhaps that’s just as well) and the fairies are steel! It’s cold and breezy this afternoon, and not always as sunny as we’d hoped. We’re not hanging around, and a walk beside the Severn to the Victoria Bridge and back warms us up nicely before setting off home.

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