Wellington Scot

46100 “Royal Scot”, that is, hauling a crew familiarisation train around the route of the “Welsh Borders Explorer”. No passengers today – and only a handful of others out to record the train’s passing. It was moving along very nicely at Wellington, seven minutes early having left Shrewsbury on time. (Note the young lady on the smartphone, oblivious to the scene unfolding before her – then, a moment later, looking up and realising it was something special…)

Royal Scot

Royal ScotA regal visitor to the Severn Valley Railway this weekend – 46100 Royal Scot – one not to be missed. Scots were regular visitors to Shrewsbury in steam days, but I suspect this is first time a Scot has been to the SVR. Also visiting were 70000 Britannia and former resident 46521 – yes, it’s the Autumn Steam Gala. More photos and video will appear on Geoff’s Rail Diaries – but not today…