December hedgerows

It’s a familiar route – out past Lower Pool, down Britons Lane, up Bould Lane and back along the short avenue. Other than a couple walking a dog, there’s no-one about. Perhaps the forecast deterred them – 40% chance of a shower at 2pm? We’ll chance it. I don’t think we’re going to have any significant rain – just enough for a brief rainbow… When the sun shines, it’s pleasantly warm, and there’s barely a breeze – most enjoyable!

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A Kenley cakewalk

We’re on a mission today – there’s a wayside shop (cakes and other goodies) in the middle of nowhere, which coincidentally is near the end of this walk. We won’t hang about, partly because the daylight hours are very short now, and partly because the weather forecast says there’s an 80% (or was it 90%?) chance of rain at 4pm. It was pleasantly sunny earlier, but by the time we’re back at the car (mission accomplished) the weather is looking distinctly threatening. Within a minute or two of driving away, the first fat drops hit the windscreen. How’s that for timing!

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Cardington and Rushbury

Clockwise: we’re following a route we walked a couple of months ago, but this time going around the other way. The views are subtly different – more so because of the season. And we have to be wise to the clock – the days are very short now. Any later starting and we’d have been completing this walk after sunset.

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Winter sun at Cound

The car park at Cound Guildhall (honesty box) is ideal for a number of walks in this area. Today we’re heading out past the gateposts at Golding, over Coundmoor ford and back down through Harnage (using the bypass…). As the sun gets low, things start to glow.
After the walk, we’ll have a look in the Guildhall charity bookshop (honesty box), and on the way home, we’ll call at a wayside ‘shop’ (yes, another honesty box) for cakes to take home for tea. It’s good around here – honest!

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