A new dimension…

…the third one, that is. I’ve been playing with 3D (or stereoscopic) photography for a couple of days – here are some early examples. I think I’ve still got much to learn, not least how to avoid getting a finger over one of the lenses…

There is more than one way to view 3D images – I find I am able to see stereo by making myself go slightly cross-eyed while viewing the pair, but not everyone can do it. Holding a finger or a pencil about 6″/15cm from the nose, over the margin between the left and right image, may help. Move the finger back and forward until there are effectively three images behind it, then try to focus on the middle image. Don’t sit too close to the screen. If the images below are too small to be effective, click to view them full size (1000 x 500 or thereabouts). 

I’d love to hear whether blog visitors are able to see these pictures in 3D.

Ludlow Cannon 3D

Ludlow street 3D

Ludlow Castle 3D

Ludlow The Angel 3D