Bornesketaig cliffs

Tuesday 18 October: Duties done, I’m allowed out. Taking the car as far as the village hall, I’m walking along quiet roads to the grassy clifftop, where there are no paths, but the way is obvious… In the clear air, the hills of Harris, around 25 miles distant, seem closer than usual. Like my Flodigarry walk, I’ve got this little part of Skye to myself (and the sheep)

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2 thoughts on “Bornesketaig cliffs

  1. Richard

    I spend a week in 2010 on my honeymoon in Kilmuir in a luxury thatched cottage, my still hasn’t forgiven me for arranging this but it was my compromise for getting married in Portugal. I spent the week walking around here and up in the hills behind. Is that very curious museum, funny, strange place…still there ? Regards Richard

    1. You were in Beaton’s Croft House, I’m guessing, and you’re thinking of McCurdie’s Exhibition, just down the road towards Camus Mor? There were no signs on the building when I walked past in October (or possibly May) – I think it may have closed. Passed it many times, always thinking “must have a look at that one day”, and never did…

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