Golden sands

Friday 26 August: A shoreline walk to the west of Dunbar. The route I’ve shown on the map starts and ends at the “Bridge to Nowhere”, where there’s space for parking (I walked there…). It’s very nearly high tide and the bridge isn’t usable yet, the approach paths on either side are under water. Instead, I’ll follow the John Muir Way as far as the bridge over the Hedderwick Burn. I won’t cross it – I’ll walk along the shore around Hedderwick Hill plantation (which may need replanting after the devastation of last winter’s storm). Crossing the dunes brings me back to the beach, which is quiet at first, becoming more popular as I head back towards the bridge to nowhere. Happily, the tide has begun to ebb and I can cross without getting wet feet. I may need to hurry along a bit now – the sky’s looking rather threatening – are those the first drops of rain?

There are oystercatchers and curlews in the creeks and marshes, and on the beach are smaller birds (I think they’re sanderlings), skittering about trying to retrieve tasty morsels without getting wet. They’re never still for a moment, which makes getting a decent photo tricky…

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