The old mines

There were many small coal mines in this area in early industrial times, and many of them had associated primitive railways or wagonways. One such, of which no trace remains, was known to exist as long ago as 1605. Others have left some visible traces – a wagonway connected the long-disused Caughley colliery, where we’re heading, to wharves on the Severn. An obviously-engineered way forms part of the footpath through the mine site, and the wagonway also ran along what is now a driveable rough track. Nearby, the Caughley china  works was in operation from 1775 to 1799, when the business was transferred to the works down in the valley at Coalport. Fragments of unglazed scrap porcelain are scattered around the modern memorial.
Once again, it looked like rain; once again, it didn’t!


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