Fort George and the Black Isle

On 28 April 2017, we found ourselves near Inverness, with a couple of spare hours. We drove out to Fort George, where there are fine views across the Moray Firth to the lighthouse at Chanonry Point, and the Black Isle beyond. Heading back towards the city, we spent a few minutes on the road to Alturlie Point, with further panoramic views. A flock of geese passed overhead – then wheeled and headed back the way they’d come. I’m sure they knew where they were going.

One thought on “Fort George and the Black Isle

  1. J > When I was a student at Portsmouth, I became very interested in the many fortifications of Portsea Island, in Gosport, up on Portsdown Hill, and on the shores of the Solent. So one day, I really would like to get to Fort George! Thanks for that reminder!

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