Another Place

Monday 13 May: Crosby sands, to be precise, on a warm and sunny May day. “Another Place” is the name of Antony Gormley’s installation of 100 cast iron figures in the sands (and mud – beware!) along a couple of miles of foreshore. Some are close to the sea front, others a long way out (it’s almost low tide, and the sea goes out a long way here!). The nearest look as though their heads are above water at high tide; those further out are well-encrusted from top to toe – I don’t think we’d have seen so many a few hours later. One or two are quietly tipping over – I wonder how permanent this “permanent” installation will prove to be?

We spent the best part of an hour just strolling along the sands, digesting the scale of this artwork – a tremendous sight, well worth the journey.

“Another Place” on “Visit Liverpool” website

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