Old Swansea Town…

…is now a city, and has been since 1969. It must have been a very different place when we sang about it at school, back in the days when it was still a town. Yes, we’re visiting courtesy of Arriva Trains and their “club 55” tickets, making the most of the continuing fair weather for an afternoon’s exploration of this fascinating place. There’s evidence of town days in the walk from the railway station to the National Waterfront Museum (lunch!) – more-or-less on the site of the old Swansea Victoria station, one-time terminus of trains from Shrewsbury. My companion for today’s outing is going to remain at the museum a little longer (best place for him? – his legs are not what they were, poor old thing), while I’m heading for the shore, the river and the docks.

The museum is beside the old South Dock, now a marina surrounded by modern apartment buildings; just beyond, the fine sandy beach is practically deserted (it is mid-October). There’s more modern residential development across the Tawe (which, above the barrage, is also full of leisure craft), but (the newer?) parts of the eastern docks still see commercial activity – a very strange-looking boat sets out as I stroll. I realise that time has passed very quickly as I recross the river – I’d better make my way back to the station… Must come again one day – perhaps spend a little longer here. (O for a time machine!)

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