Great Rhos and Black Mixen

From the Shropshire hills, a great flat-topped dome dominates the southern distance – Radnor Forest (not a forest, though the hill’s northern slopes are well-covered with conifers). Prominent, with good eyesight or binoculars, is the (TV?) mast on Black Mixen. It follows that, given good weather, its views should be extensive and panoramic. We’d better go and find out.

It looks like one big hill – in fact it’s very nearly two – the deep and forbidden Harley Dingle (ammunition testing ranges!) almost bisects Radnor Forest. Great Rhos is the highest point (that’s the wrong word to use), at 660m (2166′), on the western side. It connects to the eastern Black Mixen (650m) by a narrow neck of land on the fringe of the forest. From the sleepy streets of New Radnor, the route is thus a high-level horseshoe, providing an excellent day out in this very quiet hill country (one other walker, and a distant horse-and-rider). There are more red kites than people. The views? Yes, as we imagined – a 360° panorama – hills in all directions. Wonderful!

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2 thoughts on “Great Rhos and Black Mixen

  1. Val

    Hello Geoff, Did a bit of this walk a couple of years ago too, not realizing before we went how much the ammunition range affects the walk through the dingle~ We went up through the Dingle quite high on that single sheep track and saw no one apart from the occasional sheep. Very quiet bracken covered hillsides and beautiful little rushing stream at the bottom ~ just wish the ammunition folks did not control so much of it. Having said that, still had great views and very peaceful walk. Really liked the way the church is situated high on a slope with lumpy churchyard facing those wild bare hills with the odd wind swept tree here and there. Your photos as always, are really lovely and give a real sense of the place~ although you were also in other areas than we explored that day. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  2. Graham Daly

    Impressive collection of pictures Geoff portraying an area that is little known or unknown to most people including myself.

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