The Roaches and Lud’s Church

The Roaches lie just a few miles north of Leek, in Staffordshire. The name derives, supposedly, from the French les roches – the rocks. It’s a most appropriate name too – there are rocks in profusion. The gritstone outcrops along the ridge are spectacular – a great subject for the camera on a day like this, with bright sunshine and low lighting angles.

Not far from the Roaches is another gritstone feature – this time, a deep rocky chasm perhaps 100 yards in length, “Lud’s Church”. Formed, it is thought, some time after the last ice age, a slippage towards the valley has created this remarkable feature. It’s well hidden in the pleasant (if somewhat muddy) woodland, though well signposted – the footpath runs along its length.

The walk back to the car ought to be an anti-climax, but it’s not – the ridge walk back to the road is airy, with excellent views. The afternoon has worn on – the light is distinctly golden for the last stretch, the very quiet road beneath the Roaches taking us back to the car.


3 thoughts on “The Roaches and Lud’s Church

  1. Jasmine STEPHENS

    Loved the pic with the plane on and the squirrel

    Will write longer soon!!   Jasmine 


  2. Graham Daly

    Excellent collection of landscape photographs. I’ve only ever glimpsed this area driving past on the A53 so was interested to see it in greater detail in your photographs Geoff.

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