Back to the Tackeroo

We’re taking advantage of dry and bright weather in the early afternoon – rain is forecast to spread from the west later, so if we head east, we might stay dry.

The “Tackeroo” was the first world war military railway on Cannock Chase. Much of its route can still be traced, especially the long straight cutting as it climbs from Milford towards the plateau. We begin our walk this way, leaving the trackbed at the south-eastern end of the cutting to head for the stepping stones over the Sher brook. Still heading south-east, Heywood Slade leads us to Marquis Drive and the trig point, where we turn towards the brook and up again to the glacial boulder. As we descend to the northern fringes of Brocton, four deer cross our path, some distance away. They haven’t seen us, but they’re not posing for photographs.

The windscreen wipers are on within minutes of leaving for home – excellent timing!

Map of the military railways on Cannock Chase

One thought on “Back to the Tackeroo

  1. Graham Daly

    Interesting Geoff : think there was possibly a talk on the minor railways of the Chase or Cannock area at the SRS a year ago and I missed it. This fills a gap and the link was very useful as well.

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