Blackpool to High Vinnals

– a walk in the forest

The Blackpool (or Black Pool, interchangeable if the waymarkers are to be believed) in question is a mile or two south of Ludlow, just past the village of Overton on the Richard’s Castle road. We’ve walked to High Vinnals before, always from the other side (see High Vinnals and the pop-up tea rooms). Time for a change!

It’s an easy ascent, at first through extensive forest, though the paths are pleasant enough. The landscape opens up a little at Climbing Jack Common, and the views from High Vinnals would be tremendous, if it wasn’t for all the trees… There are gaps to the west, and to the east, the trees are still small. A little west of south, looking along the ridge, we can see the Black Mountains, and further west, Pen-y-Fan is just visible through the haze, some 40-odd miles away.

We’re heading back towards the car now, mostly along forestry tracks, with the odd stretch of footpath cutting through the necks of some of the loops. There’s just a little blue butterfly flitting about in the heather, and a friendly frog, to delay our return.

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