Quiraing – the other way

The minor road between Uig and Staffin is very popular with visitors to Skye – the views from the top of the pass are some of the best known in the UK, and the road itself as it winds down the eastern side has featured in countless car advertisements. Consequently, a substantial car park has been made for (perhaps that should read “made by”) those visitors. Many will be content to take in and photograph the views, while others will walk the mile or so to the Quiraing, along one of the country’s finest footpaths. It can be very hard, in the season, to find a parking space, and the path will be busy. There is an alternative…

The aforementioned path actually passes the Quiraing (to enter this astonishing rocky stronghold  requires a fairly exposed scramble up a steep loose slope before threading between the tall pinnacles). It continues to a further area of spectacular rock formations – “Fingal’s Pinnacles” – before descending past Lochs Hasco and Langaig to arrive at the main road around the north of the island near Flodigarry. From the main road to the foot of the Quiraing is a little under 2 miles, and involves a steady ascent (about 800′). And it’s not obvious where the path goes. Consequently, this well-made way is quiet.

We wouldn’t be entering the Quiraing itself today (been there/done that several times) – if I could have got my companion up there, I’d never have got her down again. The path itself is a tremendous way of spending an afternoon without that kind of excitement.

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