Upton Cressett

A walk in quiet country between Bridgnorth and Ditton Priors. Things are improving underfoot, but slowly – much of this walk is on surfaced lanes, and where it isn’t, there’s no shortage of mud. Upton Cressett is a remarkable little hamlet. Its 12th century church, redundant since 1970, is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. We thought it might be open, but we couldn’t get in, and had to be content with squinting through the window.

2 thoughts on “Upton Cressett

  1. Valkrye Brumby

    Hello Geoff, This just happens to be one of my most favorite and beloved (lesser known to the masses, I continue to hope) places ~ I am loathe to share it with anyone (although I obviously do not own it) but so lovely to see your photos of it . I love it in all weathers and moods. I tried four times to leave this comment on the webpage but for some reason would not let me , saying error in my email address but it was correct.

  2. Thanks Valkrye – I don’t imagine UC will ever be swamped with visitors – just a bit too remote…
    I think there must have been problems with WordPress yesterday – someone else ( a regular visitor to the blog) tried 10 times to “like” the post, without success…

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