Well Preserved

Well preservedWell they are – “well tanks”, that is, both of them. The lovely Krauss metre-gauge locomotives were on display on a short stretch of track at the Alan Keef open day today. The green one is 3142 of 1894, the black one 5742 of 1908. Both have been restored to full working order at Keef’s in the recent past – I met them when they were in the works a few years back (see “Justine and Lydia” and “Coffee Pots at Keef’s“). Both were in steam today, and shuffled up and down their temporary track from time to time.

We drove the short distance from Keef’s to the Lea Bailey Light Railway, where a 2′ gauge line is being developed at the former gold mine (yes, really). One to watch, I think.

Little and large

Little and LargeOn now to Perrygrove. We thought Keef’s was busy – Perrygrove was packed… Perhaps it was the attraction of visiting locos, demonstration freights etc… It’s difficult to believe that “Lydia” and “Cagney”, seen in the photo (right) both operate on the same 15″ gauge track.

There will be a “Rail Diaries” page on the day’s amusements in due course.

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