Starboard Way revisited

A short walk on the southern part of the Long Mynd, along the cutely-named Starboard Way past the gliding field. The paragliders (is that what they’re called?) are in the ascendancy (so to speak) these days – dozens of them wheeling above the steep western slope, and just two or three hang gliders. The conventional gliders were being winched up at regular intervals too. The large white butterfly behaved itself for a photo, but none of the many peacocks were cooperative, so no photos. Then, by the pool, we startled a dragonfly, which, when it landed again, got on with the business of laying its eggs (we think…).

Flying things notwithstanding, it was a good afternoon for a wander on the Shropshire hills – the air was clear, with views extending to Cadair Idris, some 45 miles distant on the western horizon.

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