After the rain – Sher Brook and the Tackeroo

After yesterday’s torrents, today would be bright and sunny – until mid-afternoon. More rain was forecast, coming from the south-west. We’d better head north-east to make the most of it – somewhere that perhaps wouldn’t be too bad underfoot. So it proved, despite the path down to the valley being a stream. Most of the water had behaved reasonably well, even the large puddles here and there could be circumnavigated easily. None of that deep sloppy mud we’d struggled with around Croft Ambrey…

We’d been up here a few weeks ago, so we planned a circuit mostly to the south of our earlier route, though there is some overlap. Again, we walked anti-clockwise – down beside the brook – this time on the opposite bank – then back up to the plateau, returning to the car mostly along the trackbed of the “Tackeroo railway”, the military railway built to serve the camps up here during the first world war. The sun had behaved quite well too, disappearing finally behind the advancing clouds as we set off home, the first spots of rain falling not many minutes later.

Tackeroo – The Military Railway on Chasewater Stuff’s Railway & Canal Blog

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