Last time I paid a visit was more than 20 years ago – it’s changed a bit over the years. I’d rather hoped to see the streamlined “Duchess of Hamilton”. I saw it (her?) in the workshop, behind Flying Scotsman, apparently being prepared for a trip to Shildon. Not exactly ideal for a photograph.

I also wondered if I might see the two A4s, temporarily repatriated from across the Atlantic. No chance! One (60010 “Dominion of Canada”) is in Shildon (I was told); a tiny part of the other, outside, could just be seen through a window – “DWI….”. (enough to rule off no. 60008 in my “combined” – except that I gave up on the numbers in 1968 – but not enough for a photo)*.

I’ll put together a selection of photos on a “Rail Diaries” page; in the meantime, here are a few tasters…

*For the uninitiated: 60008 bears the name “DWIGHT D EISENHOWER” – which may explain why it survived into transatlantic preservation.
The Peckett “Teddy” (2012 of 1941), illustrated above, is one of the smallest standard gauge locomotives ever built. It used to live at Cadeby Rectory, home of the eponymous light railway and Rev W. Awdry’s friend the “fat clergyman”, Teddy Boston (hence the name)

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