Old Haunts

Three days in Yorkshire, for an exploration of  places that once were familiar and regular venues for family outings


Sutton Bank:

A walk from the top of the once-notorious ascent, on the main road from Thirsk to Scarborough, along to the gliding field and the White Horse

Scar House and the Druid’s Temple:

The road to Scar House dam follows the trackbed of the railway used when the reservoirs were built, to the site of the contractors’ “village”. Reservoirs aside, the upper reaches of Nidderdale are remote and bleak. An old track, impassable to all bar walkers, leads over Dead Man’s hill to Coverdale

From Lofthouse, a hill road leads to Masham (that’s “Massem”, not “Mashem”). The Druid’s Temple is near Ilton, a little way off the direct routs. It’s not as old as it looks (see http://www.mysteriousbritain.co.uk/england/north-yorkshire/featured-sites/druids-temple-ilton.html) and was a fun place when we were children – no-one else knew about it. It was rather crowded on this cold, clear February day (dodgy-looking “druids”…)

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