Magpie Hill

A fine November afternoon – a walk in bleak grassy uplands on the slopes of Shropshire’s Clee Hill. The remnants of bygone industry scatter the land – derelict quarry buildings, a line of concrete blocks, the bases of pylons that once carried an aerial ropeway, odd pits and heaps here and there.

The walk starts from the roadside near Craven Cottage (don’t some of those footy chaps play somewhere with a similar name?), climbs to the old workings on Magpie Hill, skirts Random Cottage and arrives at Hoar Edge. Westward views encompass Titterstone Clee, whose modern embellishments are in stark contrast to the ruins on Magpie Hill. The return route, gently downhill all the way, follows hill tracks and roads back to Craven Cottage.

For more on the tree see this Geograph post…

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