Steel Sculpture

It’s difficult to know what to expect – bits of scrap metal welded together at random? The “Ironbridge Open Air Museum of Steel Sculpture” (one of the Telegraph’s four best sculpture gardens, as I discovered, with the help of Google, after our visit) definitely contains works that give one that impression (I’m sure they were assembled / constructed / welded / sculpted with care and forethought)…

Mechanical Arch (Roy Kitchin)   Bringer of Fertility and Phallic Tree (Roy Kitchin)

Wedges Mills III (Roy Kitchin)   Red thing (not sure which exhibit this is...)

…or something else entirely? Yes – some works did appear to have been forged in one piece from hot metal, some made clear reference to real things – and some were obviously created by an author with a sense of humour.

Cornflake (Peter A Blunsden)   

The museum is one of those places that we’ve passed many times, thinking “I wonder what that’s all about?” (and possibly coming to the wrong conclusions) and “must go there one day and find out”. It’s somewhat off the beaten track, though barely half-a-mile from Darby’s furnace in Coalbrookdale. There are 79 permanent exhibits, set in steep-sloped woodland and grassy open space. The map provided at admission is a must – the site is a fascinating maze with surprises around every corner, and it would be next-to-impossible to find everything without it. We must have spent nearly two hours there – great fun, worth every penny of the £3 admission charge.

Bookish (Lawrence Leaman)   Time Setting Man (Roy Kitchin)

Sun I (Roy Kitchin)

Ironbridge Open Air Museum of Steel Sculpture

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