The Rhyl Six

The Rhyl SixThis weekend the 15” gauge Rhyl Miniature Railway celebrates its centenary. At first it was operated using Bassett-Lowke / Greenly “Little Giant” 4-4-2 locomotives; from 1920 a fleet of six larger and more powerful 4-4-2s was built, in Rhyl, by fairground engineer Albert Barnes. The story of the subsequent 91 years is complex; suffice it to say that, this weekend, the six Barnes Atlantics were on display, together, for the first time.

More photos to follow, in due course, on the “Rail Diaries” pages – in the meantime, here are the six, lined up in numerical order. Front (from right to left): 101 “Joan”, 102 “Railway Queen”, 103 “John”
Rear: 104 “Billie”, 105 “Michael”, 106 “Billy”

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