Witley Court

The weather has been dull and grey for days – ever since the Cardiff trip. Today was a much better prospect – we paid a visit to the ruinous Witley Court, in Worcestershire. We may have to go again in summer, when the fountains are in operation.
The interior of the church next door is amazing…

Witley Court I   Witley Court II

Witley Court III   Witley Court IV

Witley Court V   Witley Court VI

Reflected ruins   St George and the dragon

Witley Court church   Witley Court church ceiling

2 thoughts on “Witley Court

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  2. Julie

    Great pics! Glad you enjoyed your time at Witley Court, hope you visit again soon. The fountain is operational again from the 1st April, its definately worth seeing! Have a look at more photos of Witley Court on Facebook, perhaps you would like to share some of your photos on there?

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