More mouldy oldies

Another random dip into the boxes – and two “one-offs”, the only photos resulting from a couple of little outings in early 1975.

The Peak is climbing out of the Severn Tunnel. This was a little outing aimed at exposing some slide film, which would shortly become my first attempt at home processing. Not an entirely successful attempt, it has to be said. This was the only useable(!) result (and it was a very strange brown-purple when first scanned); most of the rest were pictures of the nearby Pilning station.

The 2′ gauge Hudson Hunslet (4395 of 1952) is “Dodington Dragon”, which was one of a pair used to operate the Dodington Light Railway. The line closed many years ago – the locomotives moved to the Groudle Glen Railway on the Isle of Man, then undergoing resuscitation.

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