Paddy and the Garratt

It’s 1st September 2007, and it’s the annual open day at Alan Keef Ltd, near Ross-on-Wye, and a “special” day on the 15″ gauge line at nearby Perrygrove.

Starring at Keef’s were old friends Taffy and Peter Pan, and newcomer “Paddy”, a newly-built vertical boilered loco, plus much else of interest (as always) including a fine new diesel “Flynn” for the Longleat line, and the frames of “Lydia”, who is to be a new 2-6-2T for Perrygrove…

…where, after the obligatory pork-and-stuffing rolls, we went to see three locomotives in action – “Spirit of Adventure”, Ursula and the 15″ gauge replica of the 2′ gauge K1 Garratt, making its first public appearence. The day also marked the public launch back into traffic of Heywood’s Ducal saloon for the Eaton Hall Railway, by none other than Sir Arthur’s grandson…

Perrygrove – the Garratt and Ursula

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