10 years of Geoff’s Rail Pages

Yes, 2007 marks ten years since the first pictures were published on the site, on the enterprise.net server webspace, which would become “Geoff’s Rail Pages”. It started with scans of prints and drawings, but on acquiring the first slide scanner (a Nikon Coolscan II), the slides started to appear. Soon afterwards, the first video clips were digitised (which was real fun in those days, on a Pentium 120 – took hours to compress a minute or two of video) and the links page created (not many of them still going, ten years on…)

I’m not sure how much web space we got in those days – was it 10mb? Didn’t need a lot, with a 28.8kbit modem. Anyway, if you’ve not been there before, visit Geoff’s Rail Pages – original and best!

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