30 July 2006 – we’re heading north, with an overnight stay booked in Berwick-upon-Tweed. First stop is the NRM’s outpost at Shildon – the possibly misnamed* “Locomotion”. Misnamed? I thought perhaps a locomotive might be in steam on this midsummer Sunday, although the leaflet given out at the entrance indicated otherwise (I read later, in the Railway Magazine, that the regular steam locomotive had failed – and so had its replacement, so maybe that was the reason). And, although there is an interesting and reasonably representative selection of locomotives and rolling stock at the very fine museum, Locomotion is not present – the original and the replica are both in County Durham – but not actually here! Nevertheless, “Locomotion” is well worth a visit – it’s excellent value (it’s free!), and still excellent value if one makes the suggested donation…

* Given that both the original (1830) and replica (1980) “Sans Pareil” are both present, perhaps “Sans Pareil” might be a more appropriate name…

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