A trip to sunny Statfold

Just back from Statfold Barn Railway’s “Orenstein and Koppel” event – and this time, the weather couldn’t have been better, after the Siberian conditions for the March trip. “Every silver lining has a cloud”, of course – the sun was invariably in the “wrong” place – i.e. directly above and behind trains coming up the bank. But never mind, it was an excellent day, with no fewer than 5 steam locos in action:

  • Statfold, the “new” Hunslet 3903/2005
  • Trangkil, the last “old” Hunslet 3902/1971
  • Harrogate – the fine 0-6-0ST Peckett 2050/1944
  • O&K 614/1900, newly-restored as Pakis Baru No 1
  • and visitor O&K “Montalban” 6641/1913 from the West Lancs

not forgetting the MR “Charley” 9976/1954 on the garden railway. A Rail Diaries page will of course appear in a day or two – when I’ve had a chance to work through the 200-odd digital images and the 15 minutes of video…

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