The new blog

Bank Holiday Monday! A flash of inspiration – why not use a blog for the “What’s new?” entry on the Geoff’s Pages main menu.
So here it is.

Had a great afternoon at Horsehay (Telford Steam Railway) yesterday – visiting loco 30587, the Beattie well tank, in action and in fine form. Took plenty of photos and a fair bit of video – web page to follow soon.

There should have been a new “Walks with a Camera” entry in the last few days – went for what might have been a very pleasant walk on Hergest Ridge, near Kington, last Saturday – but the weather was not remotely what was forecast. The continuous heavy rain (shown clearly on the BBC’s “hindcast”, but not in its forecast), which started soon after we donned boots, caused us to turn around at the top and head straight back down again. So – no page. But here’s a photo as an indicator of “what might have been”. Will probably try again “one of these days”.

Technical Notes: I installed the IE7 beta recently – and discovered that it “no longer allows the window.opener trick to bypass the window.close prompt.” The upshot of this being an annoying little message box “the webpage you are viewing is trying to close the tab” and requiring visitors to click the “Yes” button. So I’ve been through the whole site (fun with “search and replace”…) and replaced the “target=_blank” opener with a little bit of javascript – and taken the opportunity to make the picture viewing window the right size for the picture.
I’ve resized many pictures too – so that the long side is consistently 600 pixels. Mostly I was able to use the original large scans or digital images, but in the case of “bwwww” I couldn’t find them… (I think they died before being backed up when a hard disk failed a couple of years ago). So they’re resampled from the original site jpgs, which means the quality isn’t very great, which in turn means I’ve begun to rescan the negs. Endless hours of fun. And I’m sure there are still a few other problems lurking…

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