A step back in time on New Year’s Day – a short wander around Stourport. We drove there under a clear blue sky and bright sunshine, but the sun disappeared behind the clouds as we left the car. Inevitably, our drive home was mostly in sunshine. Even under a cloudy sky, there’s plenty of colour here, in the paintwork of the narrowboats in the basin, and the bright lights of the fairground next door.

Happy New Year!


I’m walking-in some new boots, though I suspect they don’t really need it. A slightly-extended circuit of Chasewater is just the thing on this cold, bright and breezy afternoon. It’s an interesting and popular spot. There are swans, ducks, geese and coots by the dozen. There are deer (at least, there are the heads of deer). There are dog-walkers, families and cyclists: some are quiet, some have to talk very loudly, and some chat with invisible people using little hand-held gadgets. Two of the cyclists are pushing their machines, for no very clear reason (other than the obvious “push-bike”). Close to the car park, there’s a truly crazy golf course – but surely that can’t be the hole? Back at the car, the boots appear to be suitably muddied – and though they didn’t need walking-in, their owner enjoyed a walk out.

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Beside the Canal

Audlem Festival of Transport, based on the Shropshire Union Canal and its flight of 15 locks – forty or more boats and, on the Sunday, a gathering of “historic road vehicles”. The latter seemed mostly to be cars, and many didn’t appear to be very old (which probably says more about me than the vehicles). I’m sure their owners loved them anyway. There were one or two other items of interest – a couple of nice old half-cab double-decker buses, and a traction engine ticking over quietly. The canal towpath was the place to be – lots of colour, lots of boats (traffic jams…). Great fun!