Last of the light…

…on Hope Bowdler Hill

We were a bit later setting out than intended – but this one was just right for the time remaining. It’s that time of year again – the clocks have gone back, and the sun’s setting around 4.30pm. As a result, it was still bright –  broad daylight – when we left the car, but the sun was lowering rapidly ahead as we headed back along the humpy ridge of the hill.

Hope Bowdler Hill isn’t high – a whisker under 1400′ – but it’s a great viewpoint, with the 2000′ Radnor Forest clear on the horizon to the south-west, some 25 miles away. The TV mast is just visible on Black Mixen, but other than the much closer mast on Hazler Hill, and scattered farms, man-made objects are not prominent in the views to the south.  What really catches the eye on an afternoon like this is the pattern of ridges, one after another, receding and fading into the distance. But the sun is setting, and it’s too cold (a biting wind) to stay still for long.

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