Highley, Borle Brook and the Severn

This should have been a pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll – and along two sides of the triangular route, it was just that. But beside Borle Brook? Oh dear! There is a public footpath along the old colliery railway on the west side of the stream (as far as the B4555) – but I don’t think anyone walks it – not regularly enough to maintain a route through the jungle (note to self – bring machete and flame-thrower next time). We could have taken the path on the opposite bank, I suppose.

The short stretch beside the B4555 is somewhat hazardous too – it’s a busy road. Perhaps the path which leaves it after half-a-mile, again following the brook, will be better? It was – slightly. The first “field” is another jungle, and the path through the woods, which should be very pleasant, is sticky and slippery. At least the popular path beside the Severn, to Highley station, is walkable.

There would have been a photo or two of Highley station, but ice-cream seemed more important. A train arrived and departed while we sat and ate – a photo would have risked dropping the ice-cream… Lastly, to get back to the car, I’d intended to walk up the trackbed of the former railway to Highley colliery – but missed it somehow and ended up walking the road.

The map is included for information, not recommendation… Perhaps in winter, after a long dry spell? Perhaps not.

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