Moving pictures…

I started putting up video clips in the late 1990s – very short, very small and pretty low quality – those were the days of dialup connections – and analogue video – and a video capture card… Not to mention the time it took on my old 486 to process each clip.

ytBroadband and YouTube, and the advent of digital camcorders, have revolutionised online video, and for the last 18 months or so I’ve been uploading video to the YouTube site. More recently, I found time to digitise all the old Video8 tapes, recorded between 1994 and 2000 (I was worried that they would be deteriorating). Having done that, I began to replace all the remaining “old” WMV clips on the “Rail Pages” and “Rail Diaries” sites – and this evening, the last old clip was replaced by its YouTube equivalent*.

The full set of videos (many of which never made it to Geoff’s Pages) can be found (in fairly random order) on the “Geoffspages Channel” on YouTube; alternatively, look for the “V” against Rail Diaries menu entries…

* I think… There could well be one or two still lurking, forgotten

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