Lesser-known hills…

Llyn y GrinwyddenMid-Wales – the road from Welshpool to the coast passes through the village of Llanerfyl, from where a mountain road leads to Llyn NewyddTalerddig. A mile or so along this road, a narrow dead-end road leads up to some very quiet hill country, marshy grassland decorated with a number of small lakes – tarns, Fence, Llyn y Grinwyddenperhaps – the Scots would calls them lochans. Not sure there’s a Welsh equivalent – they’re all llynau, whatever size… Here are a few snaps taken on Mynydd Waun Fawr, on a beautifully sunny but cold afternoon.

One thought on “Lesser-known hills…

  1. Thanks for some lovely pictures of Llyn y Grinwydden. Did you know that this place is about to be desecrated by yet another windfarm. They will have to build 11km of road, shift 65,000 tons of earth and rock to install it and each turbine will require about 300 cu metres of alkaline concrete pouring pollution into several local upland lakes upon installation. To say nothing of the pylons and cables and assorted traffic. There has to be a better way surely?

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